prodbok-ten-types-pmbokWe specialise in design and delivery of product management, product marketing and innovation enablement training solutions to directly meet our clients’ needs.

Our point of difference is based on a unique combination of:

  • tailor-made training solutions designed to meet your specific needs and challenges of your industry and markets
  • decades of real-world experience of our experts
  • multiplication of powers of best practices from three leading internationally accepted frameworks:
  1. Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK) and Product Management Lifecycle Framework – a worldwide standard model developed by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)
  2. Doblin’s Ten Type of Innovation – a framework for breakthrough innovation based on decades of research and projects in the field of innovation led by Jay Doblin, Larry Keely and their team
  3. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide and standards from the Project Management Institute

We offer both Executive Development and Management Training courses and workshops. They can be delivered on your premises or off-site. One day and multi-day courses can be structured, if necessary, as a series of half day or full day modules to accommodate the busy schedules of your team members.

On completion of a course, participants receive printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course, electronic copies of templates and worksheets used or demonstrated in the course, a certificate of completion, and credit towards the investment in other Multiplier courses. Our flagship courses also include one hour of follow-up coaching per each participant scheduled by mutual agreement.


Management Training Courses and Workshops

Introduction to Product Management and Product Marketing

Fundamentals of Product Management and Product Marketing Fundamentals

Finance and Accounting Essentials for Product and Product Marketing Managers

The “Essentials” series

Intellectual Property Essentials for Product and Product Marketing Managers

PR and Social Media Essentials for Product and Product Marketing Managers

Sales Essentials for Product and Product Marketing Managers

The “Tools and Techniques” series

Tools and Techniques for Customer Research and Beta Programs

Tools and Techniques for Product-Market Fit Validation

We can also design and deliver courses and workshops focused on specific areas and activities of interest to your organisation including those listed on our consulting services page.

Drop us a line to arrange a free no obligation conversation about your needs!