Formula for Finding Product-Market Fit

According to Marc Andreessen, a co-founder of Netscape and investor in dozens of high profile companies, “Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market”. Nobody disputes the need to achieve product-market fit as a critical milestone on a journey from an idea to a profitable business, but how […]

Product Management vs Product Marketing

What is the difference between Product Management and Product Marketing? This is a popular question and there is no definitive answer, simply because it differs from company to company. The infographic below shows what the team at think about it. Personally, I am not in full agreement with this infographic. Let’s look at what AIPMM […]

Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016

TwentyEighty is one of the largest workforce development companies in the world providing, among other services, sales management and project management training. They have just released a report “Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016”. You can download the report here. For an infographic, click the following image: And here is a summary in text […]

Planning for Export Success

This presentation “Planning for Export Success” was created some time ago for the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Exporter Education Programme. It explains what an Export Plan is, covers sections of a typical Export Plan, and offers a step by step guide to creating an Export Plan. While some links and contact details it contains […]

PMI Releases a Requirements Management Guide

The Project Management Institute has published and released as a free download (apparently, for a limited time) their new “REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT: A PRACTICE GUIDE”. It’s a 93 page document, and you can get a free copy (after filling out a form) here. The Guide is strongly integrated with the Project Management Body of Knowledge and has […]

Remote Project Management

Working remotely on a project (and even managing a project remotely) is not new but it remains a hotly debated topic. In a post on, 11 experts from the project management and agile/scrum world shared their answers to the question “How do you feel remote work changes how teams work together?” Most of the responses suggest […]

Product Development and Project Management Tools

A white paper “Product Development and Project Management Tools” published on is a research report based on a study with 142 participants from a number of industries (mostly architecture-engineering-construction and hi-tech) with over 50% of respondents working in engineering design and analysis or project/program management positions. 46% of respondents worked for companies launching more than […]