PR and Social Media Essentials for Product and Product Marketing Managers


1 day. By mutual agreement, this course may be delivered as two half day courses.  This is an in-house course that can be delivered on-site or off-site.


This course is intended for Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers of any level who have a limited understanding of working with media when promoting or launching new products prior to, during, and after trade shows and other events.


The objectives of this workshop are to help you understand what PR is and how the combination of PR and social media can help boost your product marketing. You will learn the importance of the “what’s, why’s, where’s, and how’s”, and why you should care about the “who”. You will also understand why the “when” is so critical to your product marketing strategy. Other outcomes include knowing how to:

  • Identify your value proposition and point of difference
  • Identify who your target audiences are
  • Evaluate the many communication channels
  • Determine what you should communicate about
  • Research, generate and/or maximise PR opportunities
  • Design a basic PR strategy that you can implement


The aim of the course is to help you understand how the media can help promote your product, what the media is looking for, and to provide guidance and ideas on compelling content and activities that will help attract interest from media, bloggers, product reviewers, and analysts.

Strategic use of PR and social media can significantly elevate the success of your product marketing campaign, and the two disciplines go hand in hand. The topics covered during this course will include:

  • Research and competitive analysis
  • Key words, SEO, and key messages
  • Target audience groups – users, promoters, reviewers, and recommenders
  • PR tactics including promotions, competitions, awards, case studies, etc.
  • What to put in a press release, and how and when to distribute it
  • Dealing with media and maximising the opportunities
  • Using social media for maximum advantage
  • Media pack contents for trade shows
  • Managing requests for product reviews
  • Measuring results
  • Overcoming the challenges (time zones, language, resource, costs, etc.)


  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • Electronic copies of all templates and worksheets used or demonstrated in the course
  • Lunch if applicable
  • Certificate of completion
  • Credit towards the investment in other Multiplier courses


This course is a tailored training solution that will be customised for a specific customer’s needs.  Pricing is dependent on the number of participants.


shelleyShelley has over 20 years of experience in specialist public relations, marketing and event management supporting technology innovators and exporters in the UK and New Zealand. Her background also includes delivering effective high impact training solutions to a variety of businesses across multiple industry sectors. She has considerable expertise in an extensive range of services and tactics for both one-off projects and on-going communications, and has nurtured excellent relations with strategic industry partners to offer clients a seamless integrated PR, marketing and event management operation. Shelley’s is passionate about supporting the community and served on the Canterbury Software Cluster Committee for a number of years.


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