Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016

TwentyEighty is one of the largest workforce development companies in the world providing, among other services, sales management and project management training. They have just released a report “Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016”. You can download the report here. For an infographic, click the following image:


And here is a summary in text form:

  1. Agile is evolving enterprise-wide
  2. Executives recognise the need for experienced Project Managers
  3. The state of organisation is moving toward flat and lean
  4. Millennials are changing leadership
  5. Interdependencies: silo walls are growing thinner
  6. Design thinking is permeating project management and beyond
  7. Big data will drive complexity
  8. Continuous lack of governance hampered by lack of resources
  9. PMOs are becoming strategic partners
  10. Business analysis is being elevated